banana banana banana
※ Applies to children 14 years and older.
※ Cancellations due to weather and sea conditions may occur.
*****about Kids BANANA*****
※Kids Banana reservations available only at ABC. Must be together with an existing tour.
Ages 6 to 13 years old.
May cancel depending on weather conditions.
Banana Boat


Ride on the largest and safest Banana Boat on Guam, available only at ABC. Hang on tight for a fun and exciting ride.
Our custom Banana Boat is designed to give you a wet and wild ride as you zip across the ocean and bounce over the waves.
If you are high-spirited and love adventure, this is definitely a ride you cannot pass up.

Here are Banana Boat packages!

package no.2Banana Boat$60

  1. Banana Boat or Boat Ride

package no.6Banana BoatJet skiing$90

  1. Banana Boat
  2. Jet skiing

package no.7Banana BoatParasailing$95

  1. Banana Boat
  2. Parasailing

package no.9Banana BoatJet skiingParasailing$120(Special Price)

  1. Banana Boat
  2. Jet skiing
  3. Parasailing

package no.11Banana BoatDolphin WatchingParasailingOcean Snorkel$130

  1. Banana Boat
  2. Dolphin Watching
  3. Parasailing
  4. Ocean Snorkel

package no.12Banana BoatDolphin WatchingParasailingJet skiingOcean Snorkel$160(Special Price)

  1. Banana Boat
  2. Dolphin Watching
  3. Parasailing
  4. Jet skiing
  5. Ocean Snorkel

All packages include $85 value of Super Beach Resort! All you can eat lunch!

Super Beach Resort


Plus $85 value of Super Beach Resort. It will be memorable tour on Guam for all ages.
Only ABC has free Guided Snorkeling!

All you can eat lunch : A tasty all-you-can-eat buffet is included in all ABC packages. 10:45am to 3:30pm.

Super Beach Resort : Beach Activities & Beach Stay & All You Can Eat Lunch & Micronesia Culture Program & Guided Snorkeling.