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ABC’s company profile


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About Alupang Beach Club

Alupang Beach Club is a pioneer in the tourism industry on Guam. In 1987, Alupang Beach Club began its business in the tourism industry and is now the leader in water sports activities and new attractions for Guam’s visitors and the local community.

Our History

Alupang Beach Club was established in February of 1987 with only five (5) employees, five (5) jet skis, a few surf jets and a couple of hovercrafts. During the first six months, Alupang Beach Club’s operations averaged fewer than ten customers a day! Alupang Beach Club has since hosted over 300 customers on a busy day. Alupang Beach Club now employs approximately 55 employees and has nearly four million dollars ($4,000,000) in assets and inventory.

Alupang Beach Club has evolved into a marine resort facility at multiple locations and can be considered one of the largest jet-ski rental operations in the world. In addition, Alupang Beach Club’s style has made us popular with locals and tourists alike. We are proud of the way our company operates and with the positive image we have earned.

SKYRIDER Parasailing was established in February of 1988. SKYRIDER is the world’s safest and most famous style of parasailing. Alupang Beach Club holds the franchise license for SKYRIDER Parasailing in Guam – we are the only company that may offer this type of parasailing.

Since joining Alupang Beach Club, SKYRIDER Parasailing has worked to enhance the customers’ experience at Alupang Beach Club. SKYRIDER Parasailing also promotes a resort type image for the island of Guam, making Guam a more attractive tourist destination. SKYRIDER Parasailing is known to have the most challenging job of any tour boat operations on Guam’s waters. We are proud of Guam’s SKYRIDER Parasailing team and the dedication of our Captains and Crew. SKYRIDER Parasailing, while promoting an impressive safety record, also manages to promote a fun and exciting option tour that gives our customers real “value-for-money”.。

In 1998, we added Dolphin Watching tours to add to the already growing marine recreational industry. It was ABC’s intention to offer the tour in a more exclusive setting — working with business partners to offer the tours to our customers from the Agat Marina in the southern part of the island.

Together, Alupang Beach Club and SKYRIDER Parasailing have demonstrated the ability to meet the growing demands of the local and tourist community. You can take pride in belonging to a TEAM of trained professionals here at Alupang Beach Club.

Company Outline

Name:Alupang Beach Club Inc.

President : Steve A. Kasperbauer

Business License Account : Domestic Corporation No.14-000892657-001(Govermment of Guam)

Established in February of 1987
Number of employees : 75(As of October 2012)

Location : 997 S.Marine Corps Dr.,Tamuning,Guam USA 96913
Phone : +1 671-649-5200
Website :
Email :

Pick Up Time:8:00AM-5:00PM
(From Alupang Beach Club(ABC) to each hotel, it’s every one hour between 1:00PM-5:00PM)

closed on Saturday

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