Guam’s popular Intro Diving

Guam’s popular Intro Diving

Intro Diving

Let’s experience Intro diving in Guam!

Additional Menu

Intro diving is part of the “additional menu” which requires
a customer to purchase an ABC Package.

For any person who purchases any of ABC’s packages, you can add this item at a discounted price.


Intro Diving

Alupang Beach Club works with Gently Blue Diving Company which is long-standing dive shop on Guam. Gently Blue provides and affrodable intro diving tour. Only customers who participate in one of Alupang Beach Club’s package activities, can avail of this special intro diving tour at a discounted price.

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You will witness the amazing world that awaits under the surface.


When you are comfortable, you will get the hang of swimming!


Entering the water is easy and accessible.



Over 10years old $58

Time required

Approximately 4 hours (transit time: 20-30 minutes)


Please enjoy this tour wearing your swimsuit .
Bring a towel and sunblock to the beach.

The meeting place

Please gather 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time in front of Gift Shop on the 2nd floor deck area.

Start time

if you have made a reservation, ABC’s staff will guide you where to wait. Gently Blue’s staff will come directly to you.

Included in price

※This package is only available to those who participate in ABC’s packages (1)-(12).


The person who becomes pregnant can’t receive participation (Only Super Beach Resort can participate.) Those who are pregnant, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or those who have physical ailments cannot participate in this tour. Gently Blue will pick you up at Alupang Beach Club. Please leave your belongings in one of Alupang Beach Club’s lockers. Gently Blue will bring you back to Alupang Beach Club after your diving tour. If you would like to return directly to your hotel, please inform us.
※ Please make a reservation at least 2 days before (48 hours before).
※ Certain time restrictions apply when adding this tour.


Intro Diving Schedule


Please gather 5 minutes before your scheduled departure time in front of Gift Shop.


After arriving at the beach, you will change into a wet suit provided by Gently Blue.


When you are ready, you will enter the water walking in with all of your equipment.


You will be given instructions at the bank (about 10 minutes).


Diving time: about 30 minutes


Return time is dependent upon the number of people participating. Arrival back at Alupang Beach Club will be around 4:30pm. Please inform our staff if you would like to return directly to your hotel.



Intro Diving Q&A

Can I use contact lenses ?
Yes, if you are wearing soft lenses, feel free to use them.
I cannot swim, is it still OK?
Yes, if you cannot swim, it is not a problem. Your instructor will have a rope and a float to ensure you always have something to grab on to.
How deep do we dive?
Usually, you will dive about 5-7 meters deep ( 15-20 feet ), but this is largely dependent on how well a person can equalize.
It’s currently my time of the month to get my period, can I still join?
Yes, if you enter the water, please use a tampon or any other appropriate feminine hygiene product.



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