Make your special time with your family

Make your special time with your family

How to Enjoy

#Enjoy Guam with your Family


Special time for family


【1】 For many families, Guam is the best place for overseas travel.

【2】Guam’s people have a habit of smiling at children! The local word for this is “Magotdai”, and it is the feeling we get when we want to squeeze the cute baby!
【3】Every year we hold a special summer holiday promotion from July 20 through August 31. There are many kids programs available during this period. The winners of the kids program will receive a free ice cream!


【4】ABC has a tropical costume presentation which is included in all of ABC’s tours, and it can be found at the Super Beach Resort. The best part is that it is free of charge!
【5】Every year from July 20 to August 31ABC holds SUIKAWARI which is a game that challenges the children to break a watermelon open with one swing of a stick! After the game is over, we share the watermelon with the participants.
【6】ABC also provides a chance to participate in Stone Art painting. The Stone Art painting is held all day at ABC’s beach side facility. Between your main activities, cool down and have fun with with your family.

  • The family summer vacation
  • Three generation travel for unforgettable memories
  • The best way to show your appreciation for the important people in your life.

Refresh yourself on Guam!

Escape from the grind of city life, and spend a few days on our tropical island paradise. It is sure to be a memorable summer for kids and the whole family. For a three generation family with a grandfather and a grandmother, their kids, and the grandchildren, ABC will bring the whole family together for some great experiences and fun memories.

Guam’s beautiful waters and skies are very unique to Guam, and it cannot be found anywhere else. Experience new situations, communicate with our friendly local people, and it will surely open your heart to experience a fun and great island paradise.


Recently, Guam and ABC have witnessed multi-family vacations. ABC has accommodated multi-family trips. The Dolphin Watching Tour has no age restriction, and for this reason it is the best activity for a multi-generation family group to participate in.

From babies to our elderly guests, everyone can enjoy themselves..

ABC has various activities and beach amenities for all ages and generations. Each family member can choose their favorite package from 12 different package combinations. (Some of these packages have restrictions that apply. Some of the children’s packages require an adult participating as well.)

If one of our guests does not want to swim, or perhaps they cannot swim, they can still can enjoy ABC. ABC’s Super Beach Resort includes a Buffet lunch, beach chairs, parasol, beach volleyball, and much more.


Guam has beautiful waters and incredible beauty. Wear a life jacket, and see the underwater world for yourself.

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