Make your special time by group

Make your special time by group

How to Enjoy

#Guam with a group

ABC hosts over 50 school trips every year. ABC works with many special requests and requirement for all of these groups.

By Group

Come One, Come All to enjoy Guam!


【1】At ABC, you can enjoy every package as a large group. Share your experience with a whole group of colleagues, friends or family!
【2】I’m on a company trip, and a beach stay would be the perfect way to have fun.


【3】ABC supports team building exercises, we can accommodate many of these activities.
【4】Because of the great experience, this company has come to ABC twice!

  • School trip and local community group
  • Incentive reward travel for outstanding employees
  • Experience the local workplace and the tourism industry firsthand at ABC

Group Tours are always welcome! ABC will help you with scheduling.

Guam is perfect for any type of group tour. There are many reasons why Guam is the perfect beach destination. It is a safe and reliable destination. It is only one hour time difference from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. Also, Guam is a direct flight destination from many of the major Asian cities. It is a fun and affordable destination.

On Guam, it is always Summer! ABC has coordinated and hosted groups every year for the past 30 years. ABC has an incredible amount of experience handling groups and their special requests.

Are you looking for a destination for your sport’s training camp, or maybe a strict recreational trip? Why not choose ABC this year?


ABC is very popular among high school and college groups. Additionally, ABC is popular because the tour organizers that we work with always leave happy!

The best and main reasons for a GUAM trip is the culture, the marine sports and the beautiful beaches. ABC can coordinate with any group for team building and new experiences. Please send your requests to ABC and we will help accommodate you and your group for your ideal group trip.


Exclusive snorkeling with ABC’s guide will allow you observe the ecology of Guam’s marine creatures. It’s so easy, you’ll get the hang of it once you are in the water.


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