If you are on Guam, you MUST go to ABC!

If you are on Guam, you MUST go to ABC!

Kids BANANA Boat

One of ABC’s most popular tours for Kids is located
at ABC’s Beach Front Facility.

Optional Add Item

Kids Banana Boat Tour is offered as an additional package based upon availability.

It is only offered at ABC’s Beach Front Facility. Please take advantage of this tour when it is available!


Kids Banana Boat

Guests who are 12 years or older can participate in the open ocean Banana Boat tour. However, children 6-11 may only participate in the Banana Boat tour that is offered at ABC’s Beach Front Facility.  If the tour is available at ABC, then the Kids may participate. Please ask any one of our staff on the day of your tour! The best part about this tour is that Adults and Kids can ride together to have a fun family adventure! Please inquire with any of our staff to see when the tour is available.

Kids Banana Boat ・ Recommendation point

ABC’s Beach Resort is located in beautiful East Hagatna Bay. The Bay is shallow enough to stand up. This is why we offer the Kids Banana Boat Tour exclusively inside the Bay.  Our Staff will be driving the powerful Jet Ski which will be towing the Banana Boat at a safe and exciting speed. Our professional captain will ensure that everyone has a good ride, and they will adjust the speed accordingly. It is sure to be a fun and exciting experience!



Child (6 to 11 years old)


Child (2 years old to 5 years old)


Total time of Activity

Riding time 10 – 15 minutes



The meeting place

Please gather at the Jet Ski/Banana Boat Briefing area 5 minutes before your scheduled time. This is located on the beach.

Start time

Reservations for this tour can be made on the beach. Please look for the Jet Ski/ Banana Boat Briefing area on the beach.  Reservations begin at 8:30, so please ask any of our staff at your earliest convenience! Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time.

Included in price

※ This package is only available for those customers who have already purchased any of our main packages (1)-(12).


Reservations for this tour can only be made at ABC on the day of the tour. For their safety, pregnant women cannot participate with their kids. Those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or those who have physical ailments cannot participate. Please refrain from bringing any alcohol.


Kids Banana Boat Schedule


Please meet 5 minutes before your scheduled tour time at the beach side Jet Ski/Banana Boat Briefing area.


Put on ABC’s beach shoes and life jacket.


ABC’s staff will help you to put on our lightweight helmet.


Carefully step aboard the banana boat launched directly from the beachfront.


The course is set in the Shallow East Hagatna Bay and enjoy the ride!


Return to shore & please return the helmet and life jacket to our friendly staff.


Kids Banana Q&A

Please dress in your swimwear, and if you change your clothes onsite please use our locker room located inside the gift shop on the second floor deck area.
What should I bring with me for this tour?
Please come empty-handed. You will be holding on to the Banana Boat with two hands.
When and where should I make a reservation?
Upon arrival at ABC, you will be based and briefed about your schedule. Please reserve your time on the beach side, where the Jet Ski/Banana Boat Briefing area is located.
When would you like to join kids banana boat as a family?
Children 12 years old and above are considered adults. An adult must accompany the kids between the ages of 6 – 13. If a kid would like to participate, please let one of our staff know, and we can schedule everyone together up to 6 people on the same Banana Boat!
If fall from a banana boat, what will happen?
Although falling from the Banana Boat is rare, it can happen. You will be wearing a life jacket and a helmet so you will float and have protection. Also, the bay is shallow, so if you do fall you will be able to simply stand up inside the bay! Please do not try and throw people off of the banana boat. The bay is constantly shifting, and there will be unseen corals and other obstacles in the water.
What about lunch?
We have a delicious selection from Rice, Curry, Fried Chicken, Stir Fried Noodles and more between the hours of 10:45am to 3:30pm. Guess what? It is ALL YOU CAN EAT!

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