Make your special time by couple

Make your special time by couple

How to Enjoy

#Guam: The couple’s experience

If you are looking to experience Guam’s beaches as a couple, ABC is the perfect place for you and your significant other.



Enjoy your couple’s time together on the beach

  • The couple’s special time to travel
  • Travel to an unforgettablee place.
  • Why not reward yourself with a great vacation?

The Romantic Guam

It does not matter if you are a young couple, or a couple that has spent a lifetime together, Guam is a place for love. Guam is a short flight from many destinations, it is beautiful and the people are so friendly. There are so many reasons to visit GUAM. Don’t forget that Guam has the most beautiful blue waters, the most amazing sunsets, and the white sandy beaches to turn your vacation into a Romantic Getaway!

The sun is bright in the day, but wait until you experience Guam’s unique nightlife
There are many places to create a romantic experience with you significant other.


After spending your day at ABC’s beach, you will still be amazed by Guam’s beautiful water.

Don’t you come to play by couple?


【1】ABC’s dolphin watching tour is most value packed dolphin tour on Guam offering Snorkeling and Bottom Fishing.
【2】Choose from any of 12 packages, you can enjoy ABC all day long.
【3】Take a photo with our friendly beach staff. Although it is your first time to Guam, you will feel like we are already family.

【4】The most popular tour for couples is parasailing. It is a romantic experience that you will never forget.


【5】All of ABC’s tours come with FREE beach activities. You can enjoy these activities anytime between your main tour activities.
【6】Feel the unique flavor of Guam with some Local inspired costumes and some Instant tattoos. These make for great photos!
【7】Enjoy the refreshing past of Coconut Juice which is opened Fresh and on demand!
【8】ABC’s beach is always full of smiling faces!

These Marine Sports activities are not always available in the big city!

With a full lineup of activities, you are sure to make some great memories! On Guam, it is always summer, and the best part is that you don’t need a special license to enjoy Marine Sports.


In many countries a person must obtain a license to drive a Jet Ski, but on Guam if you are 14 years or older( 6~13 years old must ride with staff), then you can drive your very own Jet Ski. ABC has the largest Jet Ski course in East Hagatna!

On the other hand, for those who want to enjoy their stay on the beach, we have many beach activities.
At ABC, you can spend time participating in activities, or you can simply relax!

Stay refreshed with coconut juice.

Once you are done drinking the Coconut juice straight from the nut, you can kindly ask one of our staff to open the Coconut. This will reveal the Coconut meat inside, which you can eat just like Coconut Sashimi!


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